Monday, July 14, 2008

Googles New Facilities - Largest Computer In The World

Picture Of Google’s Crowning Achievement

Googles New Facilities

It all takes place in The Dalles, Oregon where Google has the largest computer in the world being made. The facilities are supposed to open later this year and both are the size of two football fields (toward the left side of the image). When you have a computer facility that large then you have to keep it cool, don’t you? Well, they realized what a task that would be to cool a supercomputer that is the size of a football field so they have a cooling tower that is 4 stories high on each building (on the right side of each building).The town that they are building this in only has a population of 12,000 people. The addition of the Google facilities are creating a 40 percent increase in the real estate value and will employ 60-200 people.

I’m sure Google needs all of the computing power for all of the new services they have been releasing. Now I wonder what kind of bandwidth those facilities will have :) .

News Source: New York Times