Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Stonehenge fraud, hoax for the Day of the Innocent persons

The fraud of Stonehenge supposedly published by National Geographic, and topic discussed in the whole world, was only a hoax, a big practical joke created by a blogger and Spanish journalist.

This news that covered the balloon, had to be a denial for the same National Geographic because of the massive aftereffect that it had. Thousands of persons in the whole world fell down in the prank – very well thought-out - for Antonio Martínez Ron to celebrate the Day of the Innocent persons this December 28, 2009.

The journalist Antonio Martínez Ron published in his place Flashes,news in which he was reporting about that the mythical formation of stones of Stonehenge was only a mounted fraud years ago.

In the above mentioned note it clarifies that National Geographic would have discovered that 90 % of the stones of Stonehenge did not belong to the original formation and they were placed during the restorations that realized him to the monument from the year 1898.

To give major credibility to the matter he accompanied the news onincredible images with added of the logo of National Geographic – those who are real - but that in fact correspond to the restorations that they realized in the place with the original stones, without adding false any.

Also he quotes students of Stonehenge like the archaeologist Mike Parker Pearson and William Gowland, engineer in charge of the restoration of the ruins in the year 1901.

This practical joke has had one r epercusión of Biblical dimensions, it was a topic of white hot discussions in Twitter and Facebook, it was carried in the news places Binnacles, Wiggle me and it even appeared in Reddit.
The newspaper ABC also alluded to the supposed fraud and there was done echo pages of all parts of the balloon.

The curious thing also is that Antonio Martínez Ron was not giving credit to his prank and believed it too improbable like so that the people take her as true. Although, after verifying the big snowball that formed, the journalist confessed to have underestimated the big power of Internet, the popular sensation that everything what appears in google has to be true and the tendency that every human being has to believe in this type of theories.

In conclusion, this is a sample of how an idea for crazier that it seems can become a bomb, and on the other hand which is not necessary to believe everything what the people say or write over there.

If it is interesting to you Hoax de Stonehenge to know you can visit the place Flashes of Antonio Martínez Ron.


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  2. Not only you stole our ancient greek monuments you fail at frauds. lawl

  3. England hasnt got any ancient history...
    The only ancient which there are in England, are stolen from Greece or somewhere else...
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    They have to bulid some ancient... expectable all this!!

  4. This is a blatant "hoax about a hoax". Look there:

    Not a single word on the supposed hoax

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA on second thought fuck, now we never gonna get The Parthenon marbles back



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