Saturday, May 8, 2010

8 incredibles holes! (on earth)

These holes are not only incredibles but they are also very terrifiyng. Especially the number 8.

1. Kimberley Big Hole - South Africa --- It seems the bigger hole on the earth. Deep 1.097 metres, this mine gave more than 3 tonnes of diamonds before it was closed on 1914.
2. Glory Hole – Monticello dike, California --- The Glory Hole check the level of dike’s water.
It can drain 14.400 cubic metres of water every second.
On the left the hole from the top.
And this is the water that comes out of the dike. Try to immagine what could happen if you fall into the hole.
3. Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah --- This hole is deep 5 km with 2 km in diameter.
4. Great Blue Hole, Belize --- This is a geographic phenomenon called Blue hole. There are many of these holes but this is the biggest and amazing.
The deep is around 145 metres and, of course, it is the paradise for the scuba divers.
5. Mirny Diamond Mine, Serbia --- This is for sure the widest mine diamonds (1.200 metres). It is deep 525 metres, Elicopters can’t flight over because of the whirpool.
The red arrow on the right show a big truck.
From satellite
6. Sinkhole in Guatemala

This hole swallowed a dozen of houses... Included people who lived into.
7. Diavik Mine, Canada --- This incredible mine is located at 300 km north east of Yellowknife, in Canada
Magnificent view also with ice all around.
8. Here it is the most appalling hole in the world. Where is it? In Rome (Italy) and it is called Italian Parliament.... This hole is not so deep but, inspite of all, it can swallow and wanish millions of Euros every day. This is for sure the most frighterning hole ever built by men!!!

Un record tutto italiano. Non esiste niente di simile in tutto il mondo!