Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hydrogen bomb RDS-220

Is a product of history's largest nuclear weapons during the Cold War Soviet power reached more than double its 3000 destruction of the little boy really Hiroshima.
The nuclear test was held on 30 October 1961 saw the explosion is seen from 1,000 kilometers away, even if the shock did not stop three laps of the earth.
The original force had doubled this further, it is expected to spread into Soviet territory with plenty of fallout, probably suppressed the output of this half.

Such mega-development, low during the bombing accuracy was considered necessary.
To uproot it extinguish the point deflected even dropped object.
However, the accuracy is improved surveillance technology and missile soon, ICBM big reason for the existence of these nuclei can not become a dead letter once onboard.
Once a symbol of prestige huge bomb the giant hangars and antiques, has entered into a missile race period.
Current Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) that were mostly destroyed by demolition.

Nuclear Explosion

RDS-220 is also known as Tsar Bomba (emperor of bombs) they are called, were so named according to the theory that it is Western.
Korokoru Tsar Bell is the world's largest exhibition in the Kremlin, it is the world's largest artillery from the Tsar Cannon.
But once it was used as both too large, the name of Tsar Bomba therefore "can not exercise too big," the ridicule that has been planned, he said.