Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow across Europe

Heavy snow has been affecting countries across Europe. It closed the airport in Munich, southern Germany, leading to the cancellation of dozens of flights.
Further snow fell in Newcastle in the north-east of England, and forecasters warned that more was to come.
Vienna experienced its first snowfall of the winter on Sunday
High winds and snow caused treacherous conditions on the motorway near the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana.
Hundreds of people were stranded on roads overnight in Scotland and other drivers had to dig their cars out of the snow. Temperatures fell as low as -15C.
Large areas of France saw falls of several centimetres of snow, from Brittany in the west to Strasbourg in the east.
Traffic was badly disrupted in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, and flights were grounded at Kastrup Airport.
There was chaos on roads across Bavaria, but the snow appeared less of a problem for these sheep in Olching.
Light snow also covered the centre of the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.
Record low temperatures for November have been recorded in the Morbihan area of Brittany.