Saturday, April 28, 2012

Safe Flying-Wing Airliners circa 1949: Jack Northrop's XB-49 as a Jules Verne Passenger Plane

We are not as advanced as we deceive ourselves to be.

The thousands of burned-up dead people who died needlessly in flimsy tube & wing airliners would scream out in outrage at our BS if they could. The Can-Do, WW2 "Greatest Generation" thought correctly about life's physical forces and created smart designs like Burnelli blended wing body and Northrop flying wings but as the threats of war faded, narcissism (ego) and bureaucratic greed ($) took over the defense and civilian industries alike with losers creating rackets like the unsafe gasoline-powered automobile and highways (40, 000 dead each year ever since the 1950s) that wrongly squeeze safe train travel out as our main transportation means.

This video shows how in 1949 visionary men like Northrop had the right idea--and reminds us to our shame that we haven't done "jack shit" to advance aviation ever since. Interestingly enough, if you watch the Cary Grant movie, "The Bishop's Wife" in the opening scenes, there's a model of a XB-49 Flying wing hanging from a shop you can see through the window. The classic sci-fi 1952 movie, "The War of the Worlds" features the XB-49 dropping a nuclear bomb to stop the aliens. The knowledge that flying bodies and blended wings are best was there--we just wimped out when control difficulties arose so we reverted back to BS tube & wing planes to keep the cash $$$ flowing. Burnelli BWB planes would have full tails and control surfaces--so there's no excuse.

The question to you, CITIZEN, is...are you going to continue to fly in deathtrap tube & wing airliners like schmucks or are you going to boycott air travel and demand safer planes before you give the corporations your hard-earned dollars? Sometimes just saying "NO!" is the best thing for you, our nation and mankind. Take a train. Watch the high speed train the Europeans use featured in the 2006 James Bond, 007 movie "Casino Royale"--that's how Americans should travel from coast-to-coast.

Want to build a 1/144 scale model of the XB-49?