Sunday, September 22, 2013

Go From a Phone Camera to a Home Studio

Should you be passionate about your photography like a hobby, you should think of doing some equipment upgrades to be able to turn your photography from pretty Instagram posts beautiful prints you should frame or share with others.

The key part of your photography hobby is an excellent camera. You may choose to invest in two cameras - a good thing and shoot to have with you constantly, and a DSLR for further formal shots. For both cameras, be sure to research thoroughly. If you are taking indoor shots or portraits, you'll need a camera that is good in low light. If you adopt a lot of outdoor or landscape shots, obtain a camera with additional features for versatility when capturing pictures.

A good tripod is vital no matter what form of photography you need to do. Like the cameras you obtain, you may want to a great idea is two tripods. You needs to have a small, portable tripod which you carry within your camera case along with a full-sized tripod that you carry together with you to for landscapes or formal portraits using your DSLR.

If you'd prefer to take pictures of everyday objects, like flowers, you will want to set up a home studio with equipment you can get at If you take pictures of smaller items, you'll probably decide to buy a photography light box. If you take pictures of larger items or portraits of men and women, you may want to get a studio kit from

With a home studio, you can find photography backgrounds in numerous colors as well as a frame to hang the background on. You may also want studio lights with tents to offer softer light and umbrella reflectors to give you sharper light.

If you want to upgrade your photography hobby from the smart phone camera to more artistic, you should look in to some key investments in equipment. With good cameras, a tripod and studio equipment, you'll soon be taking pictures like the pros.