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Statue of Liberty

Let David Copperfield show you how to make it disappear and appear again!! But he is definitely not telling how the trick is done! Perhaps someone out there can explain the trick? ...

Smoke and mirrors

How to hypnotize a man

How to hypnotize a man

1. Left-click on the picture and drag in any direction; 2. Let go and prepare to be hypnotized.

Friday, November 27, 2009

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Scientists ’cause’ Beijing snow

Beijing had their earliest snow in over a decade, with up to 20 inches bringing down many trees still covered with leaves. But does it count? It wasn't entirely natural. With strong winds from the north holding temperatures at 29F (-2C), it looked like snow, and had to be shoveled or bulldozed. But the real story was how it happened. When they say the state controls everything, they really mean it. China controls the weather too. While in the grip of a severe drought, The Beijing Weather Modification Bureau seeded the clouds with 500 cigarette sized sticks of silver iodide from 28 rocket launch sites around the city, to induce precipitation. It had not rained in 100 days over the city, but on the down side 12 area highways were closed.

This is part of The Beijing Meteorological Bureau, and is believed to be the world's largest effort to control the weather. It employs 37,000 people, and has a history of trying to end hailstorms or make rain to end droughts. Most recently, the tried to keep the 2008 Olympics rain free by seeding clouds headed towards the city and forcing them to drop their rain before arriving at Beijing.

The Beijing Weather Modification Bureau has had modest success, but what do you think? I'd love to give teachers and kids a snow day, but artificially altering the weather changes the natural order of things. Releasing energy in the form of rain or snow, before the atmosphere is ready, could have implications down the road. This follows the
chaos theory how small changes in one area can have big results somewhere else. So, if a Butterfly flaps it's wings in Beijing, and then it rains in New York, then what happens when China makes it snow? Oh, that's right, the New York Yankees win the World Series. See, everything is connected. At least you now know who to blame.

Chinese meteorologists have brought about Beijing’s earliest snowfall in a decade, after seeding rain clouds with silver iodide to ease a drought.

The Weather Modification Office had sprayed clouds with 186 doses of the chemical to bring rain for the wheat crop, the Beijing Evening News said.

But the arrival of a cold front caused heavy snow to fall, disrupting road, rail and air travel.

Cloud seeding is often used in China to bring on rain.

The country’s north is prone to droughts, while the south is often flooded.

In Anhui province, which has been having a drought since September, there was 4cm (1.5in) of rainfall at the weekend.

Much of the country’s farming still relies on rainfall as many of its communities have a poor irrigation system.

In February, the authorities created artificial snowfalls over Beijing in an attempt to alleviate the dry conditions.

In addition to cloud seeding, the government is building a huge network of tunnels and waterways that will funnel water from the south to the north, but the project is still five years from completion.

Cloud seeding, a weather modification technique that induces precipitation, might be the key to keeping the Earth’s temperature in balance, scientists say.

Beijing residents awoke last week to the earliest snow in the city in 21 years thanks to cloud seeding by the city’s Weather Modification Office, the Christian Science Monitor reports.

Drought has gripped northern China particularly hard, causing government officials to implement technological solutions.

“We have to seize every opportunity to increase precipitation,” the head of the Beijing Weather Modification Office, Zhang Qiang, told the Global Times last week. “Beijing had almost no rainfall in October.”

Officials in Beijing used cloud seeding before the 2008 Summer Olympics to ensure a dry opening ceremony.

Cloud seeding induces rain by scattering aerosol particles in the clouds. Silver iodide, the most common particulate used, is shot by a ground rocket or by a flare from a plane into a cloud to provide a nucleus for water vapor to cling to. Rain happens when these particles coalesce into a droplet heavy enough to fall.

Clouds need to be present before they can be seeded, said Roelof Bruintjes, a weather modification expert at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

“The probability of creating rain depends on the technique and the water vapor content of the clouds. Efficient clouds release 80 percent of their mass as rain. Inefficient clouds release only 20 percent. It is easier to enhance precipitation from inefficient clouds,” Bruintjes said.

Though cloud seeding is widely used, it has caused disputes in some areas of China. Authorities in the Henan province used cloud seeding to alleviate drought in 2004. When more rain fell over the western region than the eastern, meteorological officials from eastern cities accused their counterparts of intercepting ‘their’ rain, the BBC reported.

Some scientists say the technique can be used for more than rain production.

John Latham, Senior Research Associate at National Center for Atmospheric Research, and Stephen Salter, Professor of Engineering Design at the University of Edinburgh, advocate seeding to create great cloud mirrors above the earth’s oceans, which could regulate global temperatures until non-carbon-based energy sources are widely available.

Their plan is to use wind-powered ocean vessels to spray seawater into low-level clouds to increase their albedo, or reflectivity. Clouds with a higher concentration of water particles could send more incoming sunlight back to space before it touches and heats the earth.

“Cloud seeding is not a solution to fossil fuel use,” Latham said. “A global cooling scheme does not address ocean acidification, for example. But it can provide breathing space to hold the global ice cover and temperature in balance in the short term.”

The scientists are also researching how their scheme might impact land rainfall and wind patterns, which are strongly affected by ocean conditions.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

Fact is that this scientific “mission” has crossed the line! The cold they produced is not presumable at all. They produce too much cold, beyond what they planned. Till now they are waiting warmer days… in the winter.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Respighi - The Flight into Egypt - Church Windows Four Symphonic Impressions

this is one of my favorites from classic music... in precise the 2nd... enjoy...

Respighi - The Flight into Egypt - Church Windows (1/4) Four Symphonic Impressions

Respighi - St Michael the Archangel - Church Windows (2/4) Four Symphonic Impressions

Respighi - The Matins of St Clare - Church Windows (3/4) Four Symphonic Impressions

Respighi - St Gregory the Great - Church Windows (4/4) Four Symphonic Impressions

Respighi, who proved with his Roman triad that he was a man who composed well in the form of tone or symphonic poem, was out of character in writing his "Vetrate di chiesa" ("Church Windows"); the subtitle, "Four Symphonic Impressions", was odd as these were not "impressions" at all.

Respighi composed three pieces for piano while vacationing with his wife in Capri in 1919. The three piano pieces were titled "Tre preludi sopra melodie gregoriane (Three Preludes on Gregorian Melodies)".

Respighi revisited the pieces and transcribed them for large orchestra, adding a fourth piece in order to make the symphonic suite complete. The names of the pieces came long after, based upon the feel of the pieces. Respighi and his close friend, librettist and literature professor, Claudio Guastalla, worked together to provide titles that would tie each of the pieces to stained glass windows of churches in Italy; they went so far as to provide scriptural references or libretto-like religious texts to accompany the pieces.

But this was all done after the pieces were written...

Presented here is the first movement from the Four Symphonic Impressions, "La fuga in egitto" ("The Flight into Egypt"), portraying the escape of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus from King Herod; "the little caravan proceeded through the desert, in the starry night, bearing the Treasure of the World", wrote Claudio Guastalla.

The piece is performed here by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, led by Jesus Lopez-Cobos, a wonderful interpreter of Respighi's works, in my humble opinion.


death is behind you!!!

whack you boss!!! (warning violent content)

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Baxter ther BioTerrorist

Has Zionist Baxter International Released A Bioweapon In UKRAINE?

Evidence appears to suggest that Baxter International is responsible for a new deadly outbreak of viral pneumonia in Ukraine.

In February of 2009 Bloomberg reported that Baxter "accidentally" send vaccine material containing both live Avian bird flu and seasonal influenza to multiple laboratories worldwide. A laboratory decided to test the vaccine on it's ferrets, but the ferrets all unexpectedly died. It must be noted that Baxter has made a "mistake" like this before. Blood products produced by Baxter once containd HIV. Thousands of haemophiliacs died due to this, and many went on to infect their spouses.

Later in the year, a bizarre story emerged on the internet. The Huffington Post
reported on a a man named Joseph Moshe who was arrested after a hours long standoff with the police because he had supposedly made threats against the White House. The man was able to withstand multiple rounds of tear gas.

However, the internet community was very skeptical of the true reasons behidn this man's arrest. Comments on the Huffington Post website immediately began pouring in about an unreported side to this story, namely that Joseph Moshe was a Mossad Agent specialized in biological warfare who called into a radio show to warn people about a biological weapn that was being made by Baxter international that would be spread through vaccine and would cause a plague upon it's release.

Although anyone can make a doomsday claim and we should never believe anyone (and it must be said that the Truth movement handled this well, the message was spread without being proclaimed as gospel) the amazing part about Moshe's claim was the location where Moshe said the biological weapon was being produced.

Moshe claimed that Baxter's laboratory in the Ukraine out of all places was creating this biological weapon. All of this came out in the beginning of August, which is more than 2 months before the situation that is currently unfolding. For Moshe to correctly name the country where a new epidemic would be unleashed, requires either inside information, or an incredible coincidence as anyone with a basic knowledge of statistics can confirm for himself.

Let us assume for a moment that every person on our planet has an equal chance of giving rise to a new lethal epidemic due to a virus that mutates as it spreads through his body.
The Ukraine has 46 million inhabitants.The current estimated global population is about 6.7 billion. This means that if a new epidemic were to arise, the chance of this epidemic starting in the Ukraine would be 0.69%. However, it appears that this virus is a form of flu. This makes the odds of being right when guessing that a deadly flu is going to break out in the Ukraine even smaller. The reason for this is that back in early August the vast majority of influenza infections were found in different countries than the Ukraine. In fact, on 30 Oktober, Earthtimes reported that Ukraine had officially reported only two cases of swine flu, and no deaths, until last Friday. This deadly epidemic appears to have arrived out of nowhere in the Ukraine.

Moshe's biomed profile appears to confirm his position as a microbiologist. Furthermore, this page with Baxter's contact information for it's Ukraine office confirms that Baxter has a presence in the Ukraine.

It must also be noted that massive numbers of microbiologists have been dying bizarre deaths. This case of what appears to be a brave man who sacrificed it all to bring us this message may explain why so many microbiologists have been murdered. The fact that this man managed to predict an outbreak of highly lethal influenza in a place where we would least expect it, 2 months before it a actually occured, lends credence to his claim that Baxter International is responsible for the outbreak and shows that top microbiologists can pose a problem to the people responsible for this ongoing disaster.

This is a developing story, expect to see possible updates on David Rothscum Reports as more information on what is happening in Ukraine becomes available.

Update 1: For the purpose of keeping information from disappearing, I am going to mirror most information I can find on here.
Comments on the Huffington post website on an article about Moshe's arrest documenting his claim that the Influenza virus in a vaccine manufactured by Baxter in Ukraine replicates RNA from the 1918 flu and is meant as a bioweapon:

Update 2:
The Ukrainian government wants to impose travel restrictions on people across the nation to stop the virus from spreading.

Update 3: According to the Huffington post comments I cited above, Dr. Moshe claimed that the virus used replicated RNA of the 1918 Spanish flu.
Symptoms of the 1919 Flu include victims being drenched in blood:
American were familiar with the flu; it sent you to bed, made you miserable for 3 or 4 days with fever, muscle aches, and congestion, then left you shaky for about a week. It made millions sick, yet killed only the oldest, youngest, and most feeble.

The 1918 influenza was not the flu Americans were familiar with. It was a horror that turned victims bluish-black then drowned them with their own body fluids. the death toll was highest in the ages 15 to 40, those in the peak of health. The victims would be fine one minute and the next incapacitated, fever-racked, and delirious. Temperatures rose to 104-106 degrees, skin turned blue, purple, or deep brown from lack of oxygen. Massive pneumonia attacked the lungs, filling them with fluid; blood gushed from the nose. Death was quick, savage, and terrifying.

Five persons have died from the flue in Lviv, four men and one woman, says emergency hospital chief doctor Myron Borysevych.

Two of the dead patients were in the 22-35 age group, with 2 others over 60. He diagnosed the disease as viral pneumonia.

Viral tests can last from one to two weeks. They are complicated and not done in Lviv. The course of the disease was very quick. The symptoms included very high temperature and short-wind cough.(...)

All the six dead young people had symptoms of severe hemmorhagic pneumonia. The disease starts slowly, with temperature rising to 37.2 – 37.3 degrees, slight cough and pain in joints. Nasal catarrh developed at the end of the second or third day. Autopsy revealed that the lungs were soaked with blood, the oblast chief specialist said.

The latest ukranian official announcement reports 67 deaths in western Ukraine.

Slovakia has closed the borders with Ukraine, while many governments of EE advise their citizens to not visit this period of time Ukraine.

Tickling Slow Loris

Electric Plant, Spain

At an electric plant in southern Spain, mirrors as big as houses catch some of the 120 quadrillion watts of sunlight that constantly fall on Earth. Government subsidies for this pricey yet promising power source have made Europe the world's solar capital.