Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Air shows 2013

In the effort to celebrate and marvel at our ability to fly and see new technological advances, air shows are held all over the world every year. Attendees get the chance to witness complex aerobatic performances and sometimes up-close access to the aircraft on the ground.

A Romanian boy plays with his toy plane while Jurgis Kairys, a Lithuanian aerobatic pilot and aeronautical engineer, performs a freestyle aerobatic maneuver with his modified Sukhoi SU 31, at the Bucharest International Air Show 2013, at Baneasa airport, in Bucharest, Romania, on July 27. (Robert Ghement/European Pressphoto Agency)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Go From a Phone Camera to a Home Studio

Should you be passionate about your photography like a hobby, you should think of doing some equipment upgrades to be able to turn your photography from pretty Instagram posts beautiful prints you should frame or share with others.

Cruel world --- the beginning

When you are with me I am feeling relaxed and free Your fresh blood Has taken me Out of freezing cold You are an awesome bud I have become bold So freak and weak That I was Always to sneak But your rosy cheeks And Lilly some lips Now no more flips No any trips Can you kiss my lips? We are friend for ever Never to depart, never You are my fragrance My souls flavour We will rise to sky Fly very high Play together Nothing to bother I am your love You are my dove This life of me A gift of thee Come on darling Let’s dance free The life will fade Nothing to be sad We are mingled souls free We will remain for ever As a fruit laden tree…………………

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

body suspension

Warning: this film contains graphic content. viewer discretion is advised.