Monday, March 15, 2010

London from above, at night

1. The city of London, at night, featuring the financial district, NatWest Tower, and the River Thames. (© Jason Hawkes)
2. Big Ben, above the Houses of Parliament. (© Jason Hawkes)
3. Commuters and traffic at Oxford Circus. (© Jason Hawkes)
4. The financial district, featuring the tip of 30 St. Mary's Axe, known by the nickname "The Gherkin". (© Jason Hawkes)
5. A lonely curve of a city street. (© Jason Hawkes)
6. A busy roundabout junction. (© Jason Hawkes)
7. The Lloyd's Building, well-lit. (© Jason Hawkes)
8. Building site at St George Street and Maddox Street. (© Jason Hawkes)
9. The River Thames, featuring Tower Bridge. (© Jason Hawkes)
10. Waterloo and Eurostar terminal. (© Jason Hawkes)
11. The London Eye on the River Thames. (© Jason Hawkes)
12. London's financial district, featuring the Lloyd's Building and The Gherkin. (© Jason Hawkes)
13. A junction on the M25 motorway. (© Jason Hawkes)
14. The view above Canary Wharf. (© Jason Hawkes)
15. Tower Bridge and the Thames. (© Jason Hawkes)
16. Canada Tower and neighboring office buildings at Canary Wharf. (© Jason Hawkes)
17. Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal Football Club. (© Jason Hawkes)
18. Piccadilly Circus with the famous Statue of Eros. (© Jason Hawkes)
19. Waterloo Bridge and the River Thames, also featuring the London Eye (center, seen from the side), the Royal National Theatre, and Waterloo Station. (© Jason Hawkes)