Saturday, May 7, 2011

Models unclothed to support soldiers!

Whole world can envy to British soldier. What country can show off that models go into street because of them! They went out only in leggings, shoes and wedge and over naked breast had painted brassiere with military colors.

We must say they irradiated with this act. In streets of Manchaster, where was march, the life stopped on moment. Girls armed with moneyboxes collects from passerby support for British forces in foreign countries.

Artist Fanny Gogh with few of charity organizations organized this act. Their objective was signalizing on fact that soldiers need better equipment. And they want for collected money send pocket filled with coffee, tea and chocolate to soldiers in Afghanistan.

And what models said on it? Sarah Longbottom, one from models, said to daily Sun: “We want for our young men gain a bit of luxury. And if it means I must show my breast, I do it gladly!”

Nick: JirkaPraha, 15.10.2009 10:27:19