Thursday, August 13, 2009

Camouflage of relay antennas in Crosses

Cellular relay antenna panel of mobile phone before camouflage

Camouflage caches and installers …

Premonitary ?

Without comment . . .

Two pictures extracted from the preliminary inquiry from Next-Up ,

Europa Rad things (Grande Roue of Lyon).

Direct irradiation on passengers on the Grande Roue (Europa Rad) in Lyon in the pulsed hyper frequency microwaves beams of relay antennas in the bell tower of Charité 12/2006 and 01/2007 (File in progress).

Field measurements in the Bell Tower of Charité of Lyon (France)

Cellular relay antennas panels

Parabolic hertzian antenna re transmitter (protections were split!)

Preparation of cellular phone relay antennas installation

Relay antennas installation (up) and parabolic hertzian re-transmitter (right) of cellular phone

Camouflage (paint) of the shutter in composite material (false plastic tile slate)

Sight from hydraulic basket at the end of installation works of camouflaged relay antennas.

Indicating diagram of radiation beams in EMF pulsed hyper frequency microwaves

Relay antennas in the cross of Koekelberg Basilic Brussels (Belgium)

Electromagnetic fields measurements face to the Church of Vezelay village (France)

Unbelievable : relay antennas of cellular panel type inside of the Church of Vezelay (France)

Camouflaged relay antennas in a false canopy in fibre (weathercock).

The electric and electronic boxes are just below the sacristy !

The chuch of Voisins Le Bretonneux (France) is profaned.