Saturday, August 15, 2009

Google street view – strange photos

Google released this new feature which allows you to view photos of streets from a side view, this feature is called Street view and you can try it over here.

here are some strange photos found on Google's Street view:
Drunk Aussie caught passed out on mother's lawn.
This cyclist was caught on camera having a toilet break.
A scuba diver in the middle of a city?
This homeless person has a lot of luggage.
Post-It notes covering an American car - a kids' prank, perhaps?
Not much is left of the roof of this burning house.
Was this mysterious beam sent from space?
Picture errors sometimes provide bizarre sights like this mini-Mercedes.
What is this person doing in the boot of their car?
The photos on Google Street View can be everyday…
… or dramatic!
This picture has caused all sorts of debate on the internet - is he a burglar, or did he just forget his key?
The new technology can also be used for other purposes, like this proposal from an Australian.

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