Saturday, August 29, 2009

Complicated/strange names

Sometimes such last names can bring a lot of troubles…and laughter ))

But if these people dont change them it means it doesnt bother them

Kim Yoo Suk

Kim “You Suck” - no matter how well you perform, when the crowd starts chanting your name you can't help but be reminded.

Chew Kok

You are travelling in comfort with Chew Kok.

Sue Yoo

Lawyer Sue Yoo: when you least expect she is going to sue you!

Dr. Ted Kadivar

For some reason, some doctors have the most unusual names that don't fit their profession. I'm sure this man is a fine, fine surgeon, but it's just his name… Dr. Ted Kadivar.

Melvin Boner

Endodentist Dr. Boner, first class services!

Dr. Alden Cockburn

Dr. Cockburn is an urologist (obviously) working in New Mexico.

Brad Slaughter

Some guys were just born into their jobs.

Karl Thojntxhebvwg

Are you looking for a loan or a new mortgage? If so, ask for this gentleman right here -- if you can…

Oliver Loser

Candidate Oliver Loser. It seems we have a winner.

Willie Stroker

Judge Stroker, you can imagine what he's doing when he has his hands down...

Mike Litoris


Rusty Kuntz

Most unfortunate baseball player ever

Robert G.Aycock

His parent's didn't see this coming?